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As TriVita independent business owners, we're excited to share Amazon Herb products with you.

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Amazon herb products

Our other Favorite Amazon Herb products and formulas:

Aqua Algae (the new, improved formula replacement for Amazon Herb Aquazon)

Learn more about Amazon Herb AQUA ALGAE

Amazon Herb Perform Shake (the improved formula replacement for Amazon Power Shake) provides natural workout support and physical activity support.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb PERFORM SHAKE

Arcozon supports health microbial balance of the intestinal tract while helping to maintain joint health.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb ARCOZON

Calmazon promotes relaxation and stress management and refreshing sleep.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb CALMAZON

Camu Gold liquid for smooth, all natural, organic energy. Just a few drops of Camu Gold can replace artificial energy supplements with one of the greatest nutritional, energy-enhancing powerhouses in the world - the Camu Camu fruit from the Amazon Rainforest!*

Learn more about Amazon Herb CAMU GOLD

Envirozon is a powerful antioxidant formula to support healthy liver and kidney function.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb ENVIROZON

Fiberzon powder works like an intestinal broom to gently support a healthy intestinal tract.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb FIBERZON

Fiberzon Plus includes the Fiberzon formula plus rhubarb root to help stimulate the body's natural peristaltic action.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb FIBERZON PLUS

Gravizon herbal formula is a blend of Graviola (45%), Una de Gato and other immune-supporting herbs.*

Learn more about Amazon GRAVIZON

Illumination formula is a blend of 37 botanicals for all-around nutritional support.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb ILLUMINATION

Metabazon boosts metabolism and stimulates natural enzyme production.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb METABAZON

ProDigest (new, improved formula of Digestazon Plus) features Amazon nutrients plus digestive enzymes to aid digestion, nutrient absorption and offer intestinal support.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb PRODIGEST

Rainforest Treasure Tea is a caffeine-free, nourishing blend of 6 Rainforest botanicals that is delicious served either hot or cold. Read our tips for brewing Rainforest Treasure Tea.


Recovazon supports flexibility, faster recovery from physical exertion and healthy joint function.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb RECOVAZON

Sangre de Drago for antioxidant-rich nutrition.*

Learn more about SANGRE DE DRAGO

Rejuvenate (new and improved formula replacing Amazon Herb Sumacazon) supports energy, stamina and rejuvenation.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb REJUVENATE

Una de Gato (Uncaria tomentosa, called Cats Claw herb in English) for Immune Support.*

Learn more about UNA DE GATO

Warrior supports improved stamina and endurance during physical activity.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb WARRIOR

Zamu Gold juice is a blend of 4 Amazon mushrooms and 9 other super antioxidant botanicals for superior immune support.*

Learn more about ZAMU GOLD JUICE

Zamu Protect capsules provides broad-spectrum antioxidant support.

Learn more about ZAMU PROTECT

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Tips for losing weight with Amazon Herbs

Can I use Amazon herbs for pets?

How to brew Rainforest Treasure Tea


satisfaction guaranteeAmazon herb products are covered by TriVita's 60-day total satisfaction guarantee.

If you're not completely satisfied, simply return the bottles with any unused product within 60 days of purchans for a full refund of your purchase price. (Does not include cost of shipping.)

The ancient Spagyric Process used to prepare Amazon Herb Company products

Spagyric processing, developed in the late 1400's, is a perfect match for Amazon Herb formulas. It is the only known method that brings forward all three of the components:

  • the essential oils
  • water soluble sap
  • the mineral and phyto chemicals contained within the matrix of the plant itself (alkaline ash)

The result is that Spagyric processing retains the plant's original constitution with more concentrated healing potential than raw plants can provide.

Phyto spagyric elixirs are stable and in perfect balance to provide a neutral PH. This makes them alkaline so that the nutrition is easily absorbed by the body, unlike the many acidic substances we ingest which interfere with absorption. During the spagyric process, there is purification of the herbs and when reunited, the substance is a complete therapy.

This explains why many other herbs purchased from other companies do not provide the same benefits as the Amazon Herb formulas. They frequently use the processing method of percolation. They separate the three components, oils, liquids and plant fiber and reunite the oils and liquids, discarding the plant material. In the matrix of that plant material, called the mark, is the nutrition designed to nourish the body. The medicinal, and nutritional qualities of the glycosides and trace minerals are locked into the cellular structure of the plants and cannot be released through water or alcohol extraction (percolation).

In respect to using essential oils... they make you feel wonderful because they feed the soul but by themselves are not a complete therapy. Liquids that are sometimes sold as power drinks are also great but you may not experience the same quality of improved health that may result by adding Amazon Herb formulas to your diet. It is essential to have all three components to properly support the whole of the human being... the body, mind, and spirit. For true health... all three areas must be nourished and balanced.

Amazon Herb Company products are powerful, highly bioavailable herbal formulas: wild-crafted, perfect plant food from the richest land on earth.

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