Rainforest Treasure Tea for enhanced vitality, energy and mental clarity.

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Rainforest Treasure Tea from Amazon Herb

Two formulations available including Digestazon Plus with extra enzymes.

With Rainforest Treasure Tea, you'll drink in six of the Amazon's most vibrant botanicals that will help provide you with vitality, mental clarity and a renewed sense of energy. Rainforest Treasure Tea is a powerful herbal blend of Iatoba, Una de Gato, Tahari, Chanca Piedra, Chuchuhuasi and Stevia. Each herb is chosen for the best flavor and fastest delivery of enjoyment bringing you, we believe, the energy of the Amazon in a cup.

The leaves of Jatoba contain a group of phytochemicals called terpenes and phenolics, which are responsible for protecting the leaves of the tree from leaf fungus. These same antimicrobial compounds are water-soluble and easily transferred to any tea preparation to give you the same antifungal properties. Traditionally, Jatoba has been used in the Amazon to make wine that workers drink to support the long hours of hard work in the jungle.

Hot or cold, Amazon Rainforest Treasure Tea offers a healthy alternative to coffee drinks.

Flush your body of toxins with a delicious cup of tea

Rainforest Treasure Tea contains herbs like Chanca Piedra that stimulates kidney function, an important organ of detoxification, Una de Gato that provides strong antioxidant nutrition to assist detoxification, and latoba that helps cleanse the blood,

Suggested use:

Add one bag to 2-3 cups of boiling water (adjust to taste) and allow to simmer at reduced heat for 10-15 minutes. Can be served hot or cold.

This product is sometimes referred to as:
  • Shipibo Treasure Tea
  • Amazon Herbal Tea
  • Tribal Tea
  • Amazon Treasure Tea

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Rainforest Treasure Tea from Amazon Herbs


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