Gravizon Amazon herb formula: Graviola plus 28 other herbs for immune support.

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Gravizon formula from Amazon Herb

Formulated to build a stronger you, starting on the cellular level.*

When the immune system works to "clean up" tissues, it must be able to easily reach the target tissue and eliminate debris effectively. For this reason, Gravizon contains Graviola (45%) blended with the 28 other Amazon herbs found in Recovazon, Envirozon, and Arcozon formulas:

  • Recovazon contains many herbs believed to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Envirozon may assist liver functions by cleansing the body of toxins.
  • Arcozon helps maintain the body's defense system.

Gravizon also includes strong antioxidants, like Camu fruit and Sangre de Drago, which provide protection against free radicals.

Gravizon is considered a unique product for immune support and assisting the immune system in cleansing abnormal tissue growth.

Gravizon ingredients:

• Graviola
• Una de Gato
• Pau d'Arco
• Jatoba
• Jurubeba
• CamuCamu
• Sangre de Drago
• Dong Quai
• Alfalfa
• Chanca Piedra
• Artichoke
• Boldo
• Aquilaria
• Tangarine Peel

• Safflower
• Samambaia
• Sarsaparilla
• Bitter Orange
• Dalergia Wood
• Peach
• Manaca
• Tayuya
• Catuaba
• Iporuru
• Suma
• Espinheira Santa
• Muira Puama
• Abuta

Other ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, vegetable cellulose (capsule).

Suggested use:

Capsules: 1-3 a day as desired to maintain or accelerate well-being.

This product is commonly misspelled as:
  • Gravazon
  • Gravozon

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Gravizon herb formula


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Gravizon liquid tincture (8 oz.)
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