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Due to changes in FDA regulations about how raw herb materials may be sourced, some (but not all) of the original formulas have been reformulated (to be even better than ever, we hope)!

Featured Amazon Herbs for :

Rainforest Treasure Tea
Graviola Plus (formerly Gravizon)
Serenity (formerly Calmazon)
Shield (formerly Envirozon)
Fortify (formerly Arcozon)
Recovery (formerly Recovazon)

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Our other Favorite Amazon Herb products and formulas:

Aqua Algae (reformulated Aquazon) is a blend of four plant-based nutrients, providing many beneficial phytonutrients.

Learn more about Amazon Herb AQUA ALGAE

Fortify (reformulated Arcozon) supports health microbial balance of the intestinal tract while helping to maintain joint health.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb FORTIFY

Serenity (reformulated Calmazon) promotes relaxation and stress management and refreshing sleep.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb SERENITY

Camu Gold liquid for smooth, all natural, organic energy. Just a few drops of Camu Gold can replace artificial energy supplements with one of the greatest nutritional, energy-enhancing powerhouses in the world - the Camu Camu fruit from the Amazon Rainforest!*

Learn more about Amazon Herb CAMU GOLD

Shield (reformulated Envirozon) is a powerful antioxidant formula to support healthy liver and kidney function.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb ENVIROZON

Fiberzon powder works like an intestinal broom to gently support a healthy intestinal tract.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb FIBERZON

Fiberzon Plus includes the Fiberzon formula plus rhubarb root to help stimulate the body's natural peristaltic action.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb FIBERZON PLUS

Glucose Health (reformulated Metabazon) formulated to boost metabolism and stimulate natural enzyme production.*

Learn more about GLUCOSE HEALTH

Graviola Plus (reformulated Gravizon) is a blend of Graviola (45%), Una de Gato and other immune-supporting herbs.*

Learn more about GRAVIOLA PLUS

Illumination formula is a blend of 37 botanicals for all-around nutritional support.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb ILLUMINATION

ProDigest (reformulated Digestazon Plus) features Amazon nutrients plus digestive enzymes to aid digestion, nutrient absorption and offer intestinal support.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb PRODIGEST

Rainforest Treasure Tea is a caffeine-free, nourishing blend of 6 Rainforest botanicals that is delicious served either hot or cold. Read our tips for brewing Rainforest Treasure Tea.


Recovery (reformulated Recovazon) supports flexibility, faster recovery from physical exertion and healthy joint function.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb RECOVERY

Sangre de Drago for antioxidant-rich nutrition.*

Learn more about SANGRE DE DRAGO

Rejuvenate (reformulated Sumacazon) supports energy, stamina and rejuvenation.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb REJUVENATE

Una de Gato (Uncaria tomentosa, called Cats Claw herb in English) for Immune Support.*

Learn more about UNA DE GATO

Warrior supports improved stamina and endurance during physical activity.*

Learn more about Amazon Herb WARRIOR

Zamu Gold juice is a blend of 4 Amazon mushrooms and 9 other super antioxidant botanicals for superior immune support.*

Learn more about ZAMU GOLD JUICE

Zamu Protect capsules provides broad-spectrum antioxidant support.

Learn more about ZAMU PROTECT

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